November 30, 2010

I did it....

i took the challenge and I did it. I blog posted for an entire month. YEAH ME!!!!
When I do this I realize that blogging is agood thing and creates a good record of our life.

I will continue to blog, just not everyday.

November 29, 2010

Times have changed

Well things were so different when folks my age had their kids. We didn't know the sex of the baby, or other then the measurement of the baby (in general)not much was checked.

These days they not only check the size of the baby, but the heart, limbs, may of the organs, fingers and toes and of course the gender.

So our baby, received the going over yesterday and now... we know it is a boy and all is well (thank God) and he was given his name. Now we talk directly to Nathanial.

We look forward to your arrival.

November 28, 2010

Half way Point...

Today marks the 20th week in Andrea's pregnancy, which means... we are half way there. This is one of the most exciting things I have been a part of for a long, long time.

I am so thankful that all is going well for her and the baby.I look forward to helping out anyway I can.

We are Blessed.

November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day....

So many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day. But I think I am very thankful this year to be able to be with Chris and Andrea and Nate and Tony and share good food, love, health and a strong sense of family.

November 26, 2010

The String Test...

An Italian thing that I have heard about and later performed was the string test to see if the baby you were carrying was a boy or a girl. And I need to go on record and say, personally, I never saw this test fail (it may have, but nothing I ever witnessed). It has been accurate every time I have witnessed or performed the gender test.

Here is how it works... when you are in at least the second trimester, you have the mother lay on her back and a steady handed friend or family member take the mothers wedding ring and long piece of string at least 12 inches (after folded in half) you put the string through the wedding ring. You lay the ring on the mothers stomach and then you slowly raise the ring off of the mothers stomach, hold the string steady and soon the ring will either begin to move in a circle or back and forth.

If in a circle, it is a girl and if the ring moves back and forth it is a boy.

We did the string gender test last night on Andrea and I did it several times and ... it moved back and forth all three times. And today... it was verified by the Ultrasound. It is a boy.

November 25, 2010

It's a Boy

So many many things to be thankful for this year, but most of all our new little one.

We had the privilege of going to the ultrasound with Chris and Andrea today and the baby is beautiful and well and ... it's a boy!!!!!!

Thank you Lord.

November 24, 2010

Miss mom...

My mother has been gone for almost two years and I miss her. But as the holidays draw close I miss her even more. She would ALWAYS voluntary to sit up with me as I stuffed the bird and started the holiday process. That would have been a sacrifice for her because she was usually in bed (and asleep) by 7:30 or 8:00pm in the winter time.

I would always say... No that is OK, I will need you more in the morning. And she would go off to bed.

In the morning the house was full of the aroma of roasted turkey and I would hear her shuffling down the stairs. And then she would say... Oh it smells so good down here, you did a good job Lucy. I would offer to make her breakfast, but she would decline and wait for me to begin the carving and arranging of the meat on the platter. She would sit there and pick through the carcass and the skin as I piled the waste to one side. I would say, Mom eat the good stuff, to which she would reply...its all good stuff.

Happy memories, Miss you mom.

November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner...

This year I will NOT be cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. Well, I will be assisting but I will not be in charge.

I started thinking back and I took over doing the holiday cooking about the time my father got sick (with cancer) and I cannot think of one holiday that i did not cook the dinner for everyone. If i am correct... that would be nearly 30 years.

I love cooking the dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas... and New Years, so I have enjoyed every holiday, but the kids have not been able to come up the last few years, so this year we are going there.

Over the years Andrea has been my wing man (well wing women) with regard to cooking the dinner(s), so this Thanksgiving she will be cooking and I will be her wing man... and happy to do it.

November 22, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon...

I read today that the Blue Moon syndrome happened Sunday November 21; hence once in a Blue Moon... is now.

Occasionally, there will come a year when there are 13 full moons during a year, not the usual 12. The almanac explanation continued:

And with that extra full moon, it also meant that one of the four seasons would contain four full moons instead of the usual three.

"There are seven Blue Moons in a Lunar Cycle of nineteen years," continued the almanac, ending on the comment that, "In olden times the almanac makers had much difficulty calculating the occurrence of the Blue Moon and this uncertainty gave rise to the expression 'Once in a Blue Moon.'"

November 21, 2010

Return Policy (2)

OK This return was more amazing then the other one. I had a pair of pants from JC Penney's. I have had these pants in my personal possession for the last two years, but they are older than that... they were a pair that My mother bought a few years before she passed away. They were in a Penney's bag and the tags were still on them and... they were a common brand that they still carry.

Well I explained the situation to the clerk and with NO hesitation she said, would you like that credited to your account or would you like a gift card. In my head I heard... what no argument.

I love everyone's new return policy.

November 20, 2010

Return Policy....

I had a pleasant surprise this week. Two returns that went so smooth that I could not believe it.

First, I recently purchase a pair of shoes at Macy's. They hurt my heels so I packed them up and went off to Macy's. The clerk stopped helping someone else find shoes and said... let me do this return real quick and then I will find your shoes.

And it was just that quick... 30 (maybe 45) seconds and I was on my way. He didn't even want a reason.

November 19, 2010

Netti Pot...

OK Netti Pot a strange tool, but it does work or so they say. I was told to wash out my sinuses 2 to 3 times a day. That sounds excessive to me, but then again, I do have the sinus infection.

And no fancy mix, doctor told me to use baking soda dissolved in some temped water. It is a strange feeling, I never liked water up my nose, but if it helps, I am on it.

November 18, 2010

Sinus Infection....

I have been without a Migraine headache since October 4th, count them 47 days. YEAH!!!! I cannot remember when that has happened.

I thought I was getting one last week, I had a blinding pain across my forehead, but it was another re-occurring ailment... sinus infection.

With the dirt air and the change in weather sinus infections are becoming an annual thing for me. Oh boy.

November 17, 2010

American Flag....

I am not sure if you heard about the middle school student (northern California) that had an American flag attached to his bike and was told by school official that he would have to take down the flag (by today) and no longer hang it from his bike.

All this because of a incident after cinyo de mayo. Since when are we restricted from waving the American flag, if there is a problem, restrict the Mexican flag after all this is American.

I never thought I would be around to see some of the things that are happening these day; what is this world coming to? What are our troops risking their lives for if we are going to make stupid demands as this one.

Today was the day that he was to comply with the request, well the troops are still active and well. Hundred of Vets rode motorcycles and cars with American flags waving everywhere. They were all on hand to escort this young man to school and proceeded to explain that that is why they risked there lives so we can live free and wave with honor and respect the American flag.

With hundreds on the school lawn singing God Bless America, the school retracted their demand and said it was wrong and will NOT happen again.

I hope not.

November 16, 2010


Well I just had to buy rear tires for my Z. I remember when tires were an easy thing to buy and cost were reasonable.

Now with different sizes from front tires to back and special sizes and all that, well instead of around $50 or $60 a tire we are not looking at $220 I remember being able to outfit my entire car with new tires now... with installation and balancing and all... I just spent a little over $500 for two- count them, two rear tires.

Things sure have changed here on Waltons mountain.

Oh I must note: The ride is nice, you can feel the difference and these tires are guaranteed for 40,000 miles and the way I drive this car that should last me a long, long time.

November 15, 2010

Alarm clocks...

OK growing up I remember waking to the ringing of the alarm clock., that annoying loud clamoring sound jarring you out of a peaceful deep sleep. When they can up with radio alarms I thought what a great idea, wake to music from your favorite station and a much more gentler awaking.

Since I have been teaching more online, there is really no reason to get up with the help of an alarm of any kind. So most of the mornings I wake naturally. What a joy not to be woken up prematurely. So Tuesdays and Thursdays are my only days with an alarm.

I have decided... alarms of any kind are not good for overall health and happiness. I look forward to teach totally online next semester and plan for a much more peaceful day, waking up naturally (I hope).

November 14, 2010

Happy, Happy B-day

Today is my honey's Birthday. Tony I love you sweetie and wish you a happy, happy day.
As you get older it is not the things we have that make us the happiest, but the people, special people making our lives happier.

Stay healthy Tony, I want many more years with you.

Love you sweetie.

November 13, 2010


Sometimes you just taste something and say hmmmm I need to try and make that. Well a few weeks ago we were down with the kids and went out to breakfast and Andrea had a great omelet, I tasted it and it was great. Jack cheese and green chili.

Well I bought the ingredients and gave the recipe my own twist (as I often do) so last weekend I made bacon and biscuits and my omelet and it was great. We actually ate it for dinner, it hit the spot.

My additions: green onions, tomatoes and extra of avocado.

November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Alvin

Today is my brothers birthday. He would have been 59 years old today. It is hard to believe that he has been gone for almost 4 years now.

Miss You brother.

November 11, 2010

Veterans Day!

For all the fathers, brothers and husbands that have sacrificed so much so we can live in this blessed land of American… Thank you is just not enough.

Veterans Day should be celebrated every day.

November 10, 2010


Up date on the Migraine situations. Well I have made it for over 5 weeks with NO migraine. Today however, I had a headache all day. Not a full blown migraine but definitely borderline, on meds most of the day.

Hope tomorrow is a better day. All in all, very satisfied with the results of the new meds.

November 09, 2010


Happy to see that many,many restaurants are feeding the vets on Veterans Day. That is the very least we can do.

... But nice to see.

November 08, 2010


Tomorrow will be be the final for my Banking Skills class. While this is one of my favorite classes to teach, I am glad to have it ending tomorrow. This time in the semester it is nice to start wrapping things up one at a time. Short term classes make this possible.

I have 4 short term classes; two have ended and tomorrow will be the third, then one more on December 8th and then... down hill from there. Only weeks until the semester ends.

November 07, 2010


Exercise... why is it so difficult to do consistently? As you know by my other posts tha I am working on losing weigh and getting into shape.

The losing is going good but the getting in shape is always a challenge... well at first. It is always hard to get into a routine.

Today way my first day of commitment to an exercise program and as I well know getting going is the hardest part. Once you get started you feel this rush of endorphins, it is a great feeling, I know this, I have felt this before. So... why is it so hard to get going? I know better.

November 06, 2010

On Target...

I am on target with my weigh loss. I vowed to lose 25 lbs by the time my grand baby is born. This time I am working on slow and steady, but dedicated to getting it off and keeping it off. First 15, not too bad; I may have to up my target goal to 45 lbs.

So far I am on target, today I marked 15 lbs. YEAH me!!!

November 05, 2010


Whether it is going to be sunny or rainy is yet to be seen, but it is clear this drastic change in weather is strange for this time of year. 90 degrees today and clouds and rain Saturday and Sunday with a 25 degree drop in temp.

A low front pushing out the high front that is keeping us sunny and warm. It is all OK as long as it does not trigger a migraine for me. We will see.

November 04, 2010


I am happy to report that today marks 1 month count them, 30 days without a migraine. I have had headaches, but that's OK No migraines.

I feel that I still need to adjust my meds, I am getting some weird symptom's but overall... very, very thankful.

November 03, 2010


What is with the weather? I cannot remember a November that was in the 80's, and 90's in other parts of California.

November 02, 2010

Election Day

Today I did something I never did before. I didn't vote foe one, not one Democrat or incumbent. I figure with the current affairs of the state and the nation which is currently run by Democrats and long time politician's it makes sense to not vote either of the above mentioned.

If Brown gets in again as Governor, well... I just don't know what the people of California are thinking. He did nothing(of value) last time he was Governor and now he is older and unfortunately for us not wiser. The older he is getting the better he thinks he used to be, but it is all illusion not reality.

November 01, 2010

Blog month

Well i am taking the challenge to blog every day this month. When I do get this going it is fun and leaves a good record of my activities, but like starting anything, getting going is always the hardest part.

OK here we go.