October 24, 2001

I just posted and checked the site and was suprised by the new look... Thanks Merc, It looks great!
I know that I have not blogged in a while, but life has really been busy, busy, busy for me. I am totally taken back by all the problems and tragedy that are befalling my friends, family and acquaintances. One of my students tried to commit suicide this weekend. She is a sweet kid, very polite and an A student. I don’t know the details, I was just so taken back by the news, I would have never guess it about this girl.

It seems that life is constantly filled with problems and challenges and they sometimes seem insurmountable. But, it is often these very same challenges that the good Lord uses to shape and mold us into the unique souls that we are.

And sometimes with out these challenges we cannot attain the height or the depth or breath of life that we find in ourselves. Who we ARE is an ever changing thing, but who we can become is an exciting adventure that we explore each and every day, moment of our lives... and that my friends makes life exciting every day.

The dream I dream today, can be reality tomorrow, if I only believe.

October 14, 2001

I haven't blogged in a while, life has been busy. But this week I had the privledge of giving my daughter my spaghetti recipe. This was a pleasure and a joy, but the problem was the exercise of writing it down. You see, for us italians, a little of this and a little of that is hard to explain in receipt form, but because she is my daughter I am sure she will do fine.

This experience sparked the desire to cook... not only cook, but cook italian things, so Saturday we had peppers and sausage and Sunday we had harlow sauce (don't ask) suffice to say, it is good stuff. As with any good Italian meal, Garlic will linger on the breath for the next couple of days.

Its great to be ITALIAN!

October 08, 2001

Well, good Monday morning. With all the things going on in the world, it is hard to just go about life as normal. I guess life will never truly be the same again, after September 11th. I am glad that we started bombing, its about time. And I am tired of feeling bad about being glad. There I feel better.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, so I am just happy for today.

October 05, 2001

The Old man and the Starfish
There once was a young man walking along the beach.
As he walked he could see an old man in the distance.
As the old man got closer he saw that every couple of feet, he would bend down and pick up a starfish and toss it back into the ocean.

The young man was curious and stopped to ask the old man what he was doing. “Well, you see there was a terrible storm last night which washed hundreds of starfish onto the shore,” the old man replied, “you see if these starfish don’t get back into the water they will die.”

The young man began to laugh, “that is ridiculous, there are hundred and hundreds of starfish on shores all over the world, what possible difference can you make?”

The old man smiled as he reached down and picked up another starfish. He tossed it back into the sea and looked at the young man and said… “I made a different to him.”

October 02, 2001

September 2001 will be long remembered in the hearts and minds of people everywhere; and for me, it has been an even deeper loss (September 27th). But now is the time to reflect and remember and make changes to our lives so that each day that we have here on this earth is filled with meaning and love. It is now a time for us to make a difference.

I am reminded of the shellfish story (maybe I will post it later) you need to make a difference...a difference to just one person each day. What a special place the world would be. Happy Tuesday!

Ong- Sorry to hear you are in pain... when you hurt, I hurt. love you.

October 01, 2001

This was particularly long and painful Monday; I guess I just didn’t get enough sleep (rest) this weekend so I am not quite ready to start another week.

Ready or not, here it comes.