October 05, 2001

The Old man and the Starfish
There once was a young man walking along the beach.
As he walked he could see an old man in the distance.
As the old man got closer he saw that every couple of feet, he would bend down and pick up a starfish and toss it back into the ocean.

The young man was curious and stopped to ask the old man what he was doing. “Well, you see there was a terrible storm last night which washed hundreds of starfish onto the shore,” the old man replied, “you see if these starfish don’t get back into the water they will die.”

The young man began to laugh, “that is ridiculous, there are hundred and hundreds of starfish on shores all over the world, what possible difference can you make?”

The old man smiled as he reached down and picked up another starfish. He tossed it back into the sea and looked at the young man and said… “I made a different to him.”