February 18, 2003

Time is ours if we use it. What would happen to our lives if any time we did not use each day were taken off of our lives at the end... How many day, weeks or moments would be taken from us? Would we live our lives differently?

Just a thought.

February 17, 2003

I was doing my regular review of certain sites that are of interest to me and I was checking daughter and son-in-law... What a nice tribute to each other for valentine's day. All I can say is I am touched. May your love continue to grow and grow every day and every moment of your lives.
I can say too that I cannot even comprehend live without my love of 31 years.

In this time of war (conditions of the world and nation) I am glad to see that love still prevails in our heart, mind and body and soul.

February 12, 2003

Interesting how something would seem so important and then something else happens or takes center stage and the other thing that seemed so important just doesn't anymore...

We have been having war over budget cuts and wage freezes and such, real important stuff to say the least, but then you hear about the real war in the middle East and their drive to destroy us and all of a sudden it hits you. Our sons and daughters are going to have to defend our great nation once again; not to mention major world stuff is about to come knocking on our front door. And this time the war is just not over there... it is here too. SCARY SCARY stuff!!! It make you want to hug your loved ones and not let go.

Which bring me to my kids... Miss you guys a whole bunch. I think you are about due for a visit humm... what do you think? (Love Mom)

February 05, 2003

I am so glad that we have the new year to re-new our thoughts and re-align our thoughts and our ideas for yet another start at life. But as I have mentioned over and over again, I am amazed at how quickly live seems to be going by these days. People say we are doing more, and that is why it appears to be going faster, but I don't think so. I think that because we are getting older and have less energy then we did in our youth then it seems like we are doing more. I actually have more time in a day because I don't sleep as much as I did wen I was younger. So in theory, I should be doing more or at the very least it should seem like I have more time to do more.I think in fact that we are doing the same with LESS.

Less energy, less life,less strength, less drive, less YOUTH.