December 28, 2007

Time Off...

Even though the time is flying by, it is nice to have some down time and just hang out with family; eating, laughing, talking and playing (yes playing with video games that is).

I know that I have a lot looming for the beginning of the semester with the creation of my online classes, the closing of the books for our business and the reports pending for church... there is a lot to do, but for now I am content to do nothing too stressful... I am on vacation.

December 23, 2007

a Good Hair Day...

I know it is almost Christmas but, I want to blog about HAIR!!!! Yes hair. This week I have had some great hair days. You know, about a week or two after you get a haircut or trim and your hair learns what is expected and you no longer have that just cut look...I am there.

But my question is... why can't we have a switch or a button on the back of our head or neck and when you hair is just right press the button and it will stop your hair from growing for a while? I know we cannot do it forever... that would not be normal, but for a while.. a week or two?

Come on admit it that would be nice, huh?

December 20, 2007

I don't have time for this... its Christmas

Well over the past few days I have been scurrying around trying to get all the last minute shop and stuff done. And well I have been noticing a growing pain in the ball of my left foot.

Last night it was almost unbearable, so today first thing I called the dr and got in to see him this afternoon. Well it turns out that I have a stress fracture of a very small bone in the left foot. It doesn't feel small, it feels like my foot was run over by a big truck.

His directions to me:stay off of it, keep it elevated, use cold packs (not hot)I don't know, this one is hard to do in the winter, and ibuprofen 800 mg every 4 hrs.

...I don't have time for this, its Christmas.

December 13, 2007

Meeting and Committees

I have spent the entire semester running from meeting to meeting thinking it was for the good of the division, the school and my future. But after experiencing a painfully unproductive and unfair meeting I began to take inventory of the past semester and all the hours I have given to this cause.

Meeting consist of: Instructional Council, College Council, Basic Skills task force, Room Utilization Committee, Program Review Task force (just to name a few) And I have spent my afternoons this semester going from meeting to meeting... some times in the same day.

What has been accomplished... Nothing absolutely nothing. New plan for the new year... focus more on the students in my classes and the division obligations and little or no time on meeting marathons.

Note to self: if it ain't productive, don't be there.

December 08, 2007


Many things seem to happen to my loved ones around the Holiday season. So along with having a love for this time of year I also have a flood of memories of various events.

Two years ago today... December 8th we were waiting to hear if we could bring my mother home from the hospital. And yes 2 years ago tomorrow sure enough we traveled home from San Francisco. And life had forever changed from that 9 day stay in SF. The battle rages on and we truly never know from one moment to the next what is going to happen or what will be fall us.

I was flicking through the TV stations the other day and stopped on a channel that was showing MASH reruns and I remembered seeing this episode... it was Christmas and they were all home sick. The captain said If you are not where you are you are no where.

It also reminded me of the scripture that says Whatever state i find myself, I am content (well the wording was not quite right, but the meaning is there...) be content, be happy every day, enjoy, live in the moment.

December 06, 2007

Where have all the smokers gone????

Our campus has changed this semester to a smoke free campus, but we have been sort of easing our way to this change. We have been putting up sign and making folks aware that we only have three designated places on campus where they can smoke. I was wonder how this would go over because we have a lot of smokers on our campus.

We have not enforced the new mandate until almost the end of the semester, one reason is we have been waiting for some special patio furniture to put in these new smoking areas. Well the patio stuff finally came and the non smoking unless in designated areas finally went into affect.

I have been by the smoking area a few times and had to laugh at the furniture we have been waiting for... one round table and bench combo with an awning over it, oh yes bright blue (really not much to look at) but oh well. I have been by several times and rarely see anyone smoking there. I see evidence that smokers go there... lots of butts in the ash-tray but I never see them. My questions is... where have all the smokers gone? We use to have alot of them.

December 01, 2007

I did it...

Well i did it ... for sure. I blogged each and every day of November YEAH ME!!!! Only twice did I pre post or past post, but most of the time It was on the day.

So I guess you can do it... if you set your mind to it :o] and it felt good. Well I must say, I had that support person in my life. You know the one that is always there to give you a push whether you need it or not, well Chris was there for me.

Did you blog today :o]