March 26, 2005


Well it is Saturday night and I am pondering that my Spring Break is almost over. It seems that I am treasuring my time off more and more. This past week, I have worked hard to do for myself what I have advised my students to do... Rest and recoup.

You know I have hardly thought of work at all this past week that was good. But as the weekend draws to close, thoughts of work and what I have pending flood my mind. It was a busy week, a lot of business to take care of and things around the house (yard work and such) to do, but all in all, I found time to rest and play on the computer a little.

I do know that there are no more breaks until summer for me and that thought brings a certain amount of anxiety. But I will try and gather my thoughts so when Monday morning I can hit the ground running.

March 13, 2005


Well I am sick again. I know that this is only my second cold this season, but that is a lot for me. It is usually easy for me to say healthy, but not this season. Well here is the track record, my second cold, Tony had one and gram had bronchitis (not good at her age).

It just seems that no matter what I do, I can not stay healthy this year. I take my vitamins, I eat regularly and try to get enough rest and oh yes, I wash my hand often (especially at school). But the germs are lurking. Students are in our face breathing on us, touching things and it just seems we can’t out run them, these germs are everywhere.

I was thankful that I got sick at the right time… just before the weekend, so I was able to rest and recoup and prepare for the up and coming week.

Got to get better, the Ladies Circle retreat is this coming weekend and of course that is also the start of spring break YEAH!!!!!

March 08, 2005

Dear friends-

Well part of the weekends was a church conference, we have missed the last few; but let me just say it was good to see everyone again. We saw friends that we had just have not see (or spent time with) for months and months.

It was great seeing everyone, especially Walter and Carrie. This was the first time since she was healed from Cancer. She looks great and really fun talking to them and getting in some much needed hugs.

And of course we saw Carolyn, Stacie and Erin. Very special people in our lives. It is really nice when you see someone that really means something to you and even though you have not seen each other in months, you just seem to pickup where you left off...

There is a bond that goes deeper that casual conversation. I really love these guys. I have for many years tried to explain the bond of this friendship, I can't, so let me just say... Thank you Lord for giving us to each other.

What a special joy. Hugs and kisses all around.

March 07, 2005

Good weekend!

Well we got to go see the kids this weekend and as always, we had a great time. It was a really relaxing weekend for me... Just hanging out with some great folks. They hooked me up with a new CD Jack Johnson, I love it, really mellow tunes. A new favorite for sure.

March 03, 2005

OC without Mickey

Well this will be the first trip to Orange County since our Disneyland passes have expired. Even though we didn't go to D'land each and every time, it seems really strange to not have the pass in my wallet that says I can go (anytime I want).

Why have you not renewed as in years past, you ask? Well there were several contributing factors:
1. The cost went up and when you buy two passes like we do, that adds up.
2. And second, we have had passes for the last couple of years and when you go all the time it kind of loses its excitment. But can we really get too much Mickey?
3. And lastly, we decided that we were going to wait before renewing and renew on our first visit of the year so that it would extend our passes for the longest amount of time.

But now that the passes have expired, I just don't feel right. We may have to re-think this Disneyland thing.

March 02, 2005

Going to see the kids... YEAH!!!!

Well it has been months and months since we have seen our kids and we have an event down south this weekend and it has created the perfect opportunity to combine business with pleasure... We are going to see the kids.

Thanksgiving was the last time and that was too long ago. We are Italian, we need to hug and kiss regularly... its the law :o]

I can't wait.