March 30, 2006

Photo shoot

Well, folks have been asking me for a photo... here it is. The photo is about a year old, when my hair was longer. And of course, one of the rare times where I am actually wearing a dress. Not my favorite outfit.

March 26, 2006

Very motivated....

I have just been going through my personal collection of blogs dating back to when I first started 2001 and have spent the last hour or so reading my writings. What an experience. You see, I not only read the words and feel the emotions of the event, I remember the feelings and RE-LIVE IT!

Blogging is a nice release; it is also a great way to record the feelings and emotions of the day and/or event. What a great concept. I am thankful to my kids for getting me going and setting me up.

Time truly passes us by; it is nice to have a record.

Isn't technology wonderful? In a few years our kids and grandkids will be laughing at us saying...
You blogged with just words, how antiquated is that... what no video.

March 25, 2006

CHEATER'S what to do what to do.......

Well I start all my classes with a long and direct speech that is very clear on my position on cheating.... I don't tolerate it.

Well I just graded my second major exam for one of my classes and I was apaled by two things first, the number of students that just don't get it and don't care. When I was going to school and something came along that I didn't understand, boy I was right there in the instructors office asking questions.

My exams are usually in three parts: T/F and multiple choice, fill in the blank, and production. One student turned the Fill in the blank section BLANK... all he added to the paper was his name. I just don't understand. Then... I graded the production.

Well one student turned in the exact paper as another student... Same mistakes. And they made one major mistake... one students name was left on the bottom of the other students paper. I am just in a quandary as to what to do. They already both received ZERO for the exam but I am contemplating other action and not quite sure what to do.

Some students these day just don't care. They just don't care.

March 24, 2006

life lesson...Don't worry, be happy!

Snow White received a camera as a gift. She happily took pictures of the Dwarfs and their surroundings. When she finished her first batch she took the film to be developed. After a week or so she went to get the finished photos. The clerk said the photos were not back from the processor. Needless to say, she was
disappointed and started to cry. The clerk, trying to console her, said,
"Don't worry. Someday your prints will come".

And such is life... someday your Prince (prints) will come.

March 15, 2006

Happy New Year :o]

Well I know that it is a little late in the year for beginnings, but better late than never. I decided this week that I would start walking again and having completed my second round; today I can say tha I have begun the routine.

I was gently reminded today by my son-in-law that I have a bowflex that is sitting in the corner gathering dust, well today I decided that I would commit to working out on the bowflex three times a week. I know that I always feel better when I do exercise and walk and I always say to myself why didn't I start sooner. Well like I said today there is no better time to begin then right now.

Oh by the way, I was also reminded that I have not blogged this entire year thus far... while exercising helps relieve the stress physically blogging helps relieve the stress mentally so.. well here it is I have offically begun both of these activities and have now put them in writing so it must be true.

I will be blogging soon, nite all.