November 29, 2003


Well another thanksgiving put to bed, thankful once again for family and friends. This was not a traditional thanksgiving weekend but a fun one none the less. I played Butterball hotline for some family members… that was fun calling back and forth making turkeys.

We had some new guests with us this Thanksgiving from Australia, Chris’ boss and his girlfriend; they were lots of fun, really nice people. As usually we eat a lot, we played games (canasta) and watched DVD’s; all in all a fun time.

I love my family. I am Thankful.

November 23, 2003

Time for me... well for us

We got away this weekend, I had a doctors appointment at the clinic so we decided to take a couple of days and just relax... and it was good. the clinic on Friday in Santa Barbara, that is always good. Even on a bad day Santa Barbara is good. Then we headed down to see the kids.

Friday afternoon missed the traffic (mostly) quick trip to Disneyland, then dinner at Tony Roma, AHHHH the big city so many choices. Saturday, what else Disneyland Yeah!!!! We went early to try and beat the rush. It worked for a little while. long, but fun day. Nothing like a long day at Disneyland to remind you that you are old.

Disney is strange that way, it makes you feel young and happy while you are there and then when you leave, you remember that you are old. Sunday morning we should leave to come home, lots to do, but what the heck, just a couple of quick rides and we will leave yes, Disneyland one more time. and yes in case you were wondering we are crazy, annual passes will do that to you.

Well lunch with the kids and then we hit the road, that was a much needed weekend away. Back to reality.

November 19, 2003


Time seems to be a big issue these days and rightly so with the season of the year and all, I am scared of the quickness of its passing. It really, really does seem to be moving at a rapid pace.

Its thanksgiving already and soon Christmas; yes 36 more days until Christmas and 41 more days until a new year us upon us.

The more I treasure time, and value each moment the more resentment I seem to have with the mundane useless tasks that we have to do each and every day. I also seem to be more and more resentful of the people in our lives that suck the life from us by robbing us of these fleeting precious moments each and everyday.

They just don’t get it… All I see and hear is: what can you do for me today! And what ever it is I am sure it will not be good enough. You see we are taught all of our lives, from our youth to give to others, we learn it in church and in our (good Christian) homes. This is what makes us a good person, but the lesson is lacking as to how and when to replenish the soul of the giver how to nurture the self with in.

And so it is, we cycle down, out hour glass empties out and the well of life runs dry… and when will there be time for ME.

November 11, 2003


Isn't it strange how smell can bring back a memory in an instant. I have had this happen alot lately.

Hand lotion that reminded me of a stay in the hospital; and today I made a BBQ that reminded me of Dad

November 02, 2003

medical assistance

Well, I have decided that next semester I am going to take the EMT class and get certified; not because I want to be an EMT, but because the medical care here in the valley is HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!!!!

After the last few weeks with the incident with my mother and now the terrible care with Melisa, I am convinced that we are better off or at the very least better prepared to care for ourselves with some common sense and a bandage.

What is a person to do… There is no place to go, and no one to see that knows what the hell they are doing.

In the case of my friend, her surgical incision opened and stuff was hanging out (blood clot and fatty tissue) doctor’s office sent us to the ER at the hospital the first night they just clipped the clot that was hanging out and taped the incision closed. That did not work, it was worse the next day, more stuff oozing out and so we called the doctors office again and again they referred us the ER, this time the doctor (a different doctor) removed the clot and the hanging tissue and stitched the incision closed (then taped it) antibiotics all around.

What a month, after this, I think getting certified should be a piece of cake.