November 23, 2003

Time for me... well for us

We got away this weekend, I had a doctors appointment at the clinic so we decided to take a couple of days and just relax... and it was good. the clinic on Friday in Santa Barbara, that is always good. Even on a bad day Santa Barbara is good. Then we headed down to see the kids.

Friday afternoon missed the traffic (mostly) quick trip to Disneyland, then dinner at Tony Roma, AHHHH the big city so many choices. Saturday, what else Disneyland Yeah!!!! We went early to try and beat the rush. It worked for a little while. long, but fun day. Nothing like a long day at Disneyland to remind you that you are old.

Disney is strange that way, it makes you feel young and happy while you are there and then when you leave, you remember that you are old. Sunday morning we should leave to come home, lots to do, but what the heck, just a couple of quick rides and we will leave yes, Disneyland one more time. and yes in case you were wondering we are crazy, annual passes will do that to you.

Well lunch with the kids and then we hit the road, that was a much needed weekend away. Back to reality.