November 19, 2003


Time seems to be a big issue these days and rightly so with the season of the year and all, I am scared of the quickness of its passing. It really, really does seem to be moving at a rapid pace.

Its thanksgiving already and soon Christmas; yes 36 more days until Christmas and 41 more days until a new year us upon us.

The more I treasure time, and value each moment the more resentment I seem to have with the mundane useless tasks that we have to do each and every day. I also seem to be more and more resentful of the people in our lives that suck the life from us by robbing us of these fleeting precious moments each and everyday.

They just don’t get it… All I see and hear is: what can you do for me today! And what ever it is I am sure it will not be good enough. You see we are taught all of our lives, from our youth to give to others, we learn it in church and in our (good Christian) homes. This is what makes us a good person, but the lesson is lacking as to how and when to replenish the soul of the giver how to nurture the self with in.

And so it is, we cycle down, out hour glass empties out and the well of life runs dry… and when will there be time for ME.