October 15, 2003


Well I am currently on what we refer to at the school as BANK TIME. That is overtime that I have worked for the past five years that I have not gotten paid for, instead I bank the time and pay. Well now I have a semester of time and pay accumulated so I can take the semester off and still collect my regular paycheck.

I have been so looking forward to this BANK TIME with great anticipation. A time to regroup, recoup, rejuvenate, a time to read, exercise, organize and do all the things that one does not have time to do during the regular semester.

Not at all what I thought it would be like. So far, it has not at all been about me. I feel that I have been running doing a bunch of things for others. That is ok I guess, just not what I planned.

Last week things really got different mom had surgery and then fall. Boy what a terrible sight to watch her fall and not be able to help. I will never forget that sight. I guess there is good in all things, even this... I am spending more time with my mom. We are talking.