November 02, 2003

medical assistance

Well, I have decided that next semester I am going to take the EMT class and get certified; not because I want to be an EMT, but because the medical care here in the valley is HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!!!!

After the last few weeks with the incident with my mother and now the terrible care with Melisa, I am convinced that we are better off or at the very least better prepared to care for ourselves with some common sense and a bandage.

What is a person to do… There is no place to go, and no one to see that knows what the hell they are doing.

In the case of my friend, her surgical incision opened and stuff was hanging out (blood clot and fatty tissue) doctor’s office sent us to the ER at the hospital the first night they just clipped the clot that was hanging out and taped the incision closed. That did not work, it was worse the next day, more stuff oozing out and so we called the doctors office again and again they referred us the ER, this time the doctor (a different doctor) removed the clot and the hanging tissue and stitched the incision closed (then taped it) antibiotics all around.

What a month, after this, I think getting certified should be a piece of cake.