July 17, 2007

Life's bumpy road

What a Year.

Well I visited the doctor with my mother today, her cancer is active again. I just don't understand why this simple loving women had to endure this. She had a traumatic and extensive surgery a year and a half ago and that was followed by 6 wonderful Chemo treatments (one every three weeks); it would be nice if she was able to live out the reminder of her days with relative good health.

But... NO, that is not the case, active cancer in 3 major places and more surgery probable. Sorry mom. But I am here for you and I love you very much.

What will the remainder of this year bring???? It don't look good.

Vacation Time...

It is getting harder and harder to get away from the grind, but we did manage to take five days off. We ventured off to Vegas and we were luck enough to have our kids meet us there.

It was fun romping around with them (they are fun to be with). We walked a lot (I mean a lot), ate good food and of course some 21 and slots. You have to go with the attitude... if we win that would be great, if we lose well it was fun playing. I found that if you think like this you usually win something, but if you worry about every dollar you play you usually lose.

I am thankful and lucky I had a winning week; not quit you job great, but a good week. But of course the real reward was the down time and the time with the kids and just being able to do the things we like, like taking pictures and stuff.

But alas we are back to the routine of life.