December 21, 2009

December 21st

I have been baking and making lists and checking them twice and I think I am almost ready. There comes a time each Christmans season when I proudly say... I am ready and I don't have to go out anymore... till after the holiday.

That is a great feeling when you know you do not have to venture out into the cold and more frightening the crowd of crazed people.

One more trip, today; and then I can say I am ready. Got to go.... BYE!!!!

December 18, 2009

December 18th

Winter Break, or as it is better known around here the Christmas break.

I remember when I was at school working on my degrees and the joy and relief I would feel as one by one the finals were over. Burdens lifted with every completed class.

As you reached the last final, in my head I could hear... I am free, I am free. and as I walked out to my car, I remember feeling such a sense or accomplishment. And almost feel so light and free I was actually walking on air... a little bit. And then proceeded to turn off the brain for a few weeks so that it can reboot for the next semester.

Well that same feeling enveloped me this week as I turned in my final grades... I am free, I am free. well at least for a few weeks; I love my job but I also love my breaks.

December 17th

I hate ZUMA.

I was cruising last night, I made it all through the 9th level with only one death 9 lives then 10 on the board then it happened.

I began to think that perhaps this was the night... but NO no Christmas gift for me. It is a well thought out game that is truly hard to beat because:

-You become vested in the game, you have spent hours playing and
-Then you begin to have hope that perhaps this is the night

But alas, your hands are tired and sore, your eyes are blurry from playing for so long; it is late into the night and the thumb just cannot move fast enough to make the shots you KNOW you can make.

Then it happens... you begin the death spiro one by one your hopes are dashed and not by a lot, but a little. You almost make it, but then die on the last 6 or 7 marbles.

I think this game would be very do-able if you could jump to the levels you want so you can get warmed up earn afew lives and move to the level you want to challenge (with all the lives you have built up).

So I am having a love /hate relationship with my Xbox... well not the whole box, just ZUMA.

December 16, 2009

December 16th

Today is the anniversary of my fathers death. 26 years ago today, he left us... he is still missed, still loved.

And today I wore a jacket I have not put on in a while, and reached in the pocket and found the the hospital papers from my mothers last visit to the hospital. This is the first major holiday without her... I miss her... I miss them both.

December 11, 2009

December 11th...

While at the doctors yesterday I read a Readers Digest story that I thought was great. Please excuse my paraphrasing.

There was a little boy in kindergarten named Joey; his teacher thought it would be fun to exchange names for the Christmas this year. So they drew names and were told to take that note home to their mother.

When Joey got home he gave the note to his mother and asked her to read it, so she did.
She read... You got Christopher's name in the Christmas gift exchange. Joey looked a little sad and asked when people were going to start calling him Christopher.

Ho, ho, ho.

December 09, 2009

December 9th

Tonight I attended the Hospice Light up s Life Ceremony. The families of hundreds of hospice patients were invited to celebrate the life of a loved one that was in Hospice care and passed away last year.

They offer us a gold ornament with our loved ones name on it and when their name was called we went up and placed the ornament on the tree, as they played Christmas carols. They read off over 250 names a staggering number for just Tulare County.

Once the names were all read and ornaments placed on the tree they dimmed the lights in the room and lit up the tree. A room full of hundreds and it was solemn and quite.

Hospice is a great organization watching out for the terminally ill and their families.

December 8th

Four years ago tomorrow (12/9)we brought my mother home from Redwood City after her major surgery to remove her cancerous tumors. This surgery gave us 3+ years with mom.

Her Doctor did a great job.

December 07, 2009

December 7th...

Oh yes one more thing I love about my job... the down time also known as vacation to those in the daily grind.

You see, we work hard, extremely hard throughout the semester, but in this profession we are given the opportunity to rejuvenate so when that next semester begins we are ready and will to face it.

Right now we are grinding to a halt for the year and I am looking forward to a few weeks off to relax and not check e-mail if I don't want to and read for pleasure.

But for most of us educators we also use this time for maintenance, personal maintenance surgeries and such so we will be there for the kids when that first bell rings again.

December 06, 2009

December 5th and 6th

OK I am cheating, but i want to keep up with the blog until the end of the year.

Keeping with the theme... why I love my job. No matter how good or how bad it is it is over in a few months. Whether the class is an exceptional one or an average one or a horrible one (I have had a few) Every few months... we get to start again.

I love the opportunity of saying OK that was a great semester... what can we do to make the next one better?

Unlike a regular job, it is the same everyday, day after day after day. And after you are done for the day you see an endless supply of more days just like today. We do not have that, we get to start again, start fresh, with new student and new classes (if we want).

December 04, 2009

December 4th

As this semester draws to a close, I just want to note a few things. I love the profession I have chosen for myself. You see before education I was in the banking field and while I liked banking and all that job offered, I feel that the Banking occupation chose me.

When I experienced the joy of teaching and decided to go back and complete my degree this was a choice I made. I am truly thankful for this opportunity. As the saying goes...
Success is being prepared when opportunity presents itself.

OK I am paraphrasing and I don't know who said this... but it is a great line.

December 3rd

Well not anything to important in the great scheme of things but today I am thankful for the bun warmers in my car. When you are still in the summer and Fall mode, cold mornings are shocking to the body.

I am thankful for the cosy seat warmers in my cosy car that keep me toasty on my way to work. OK I know that it is only two days a week... but I am thankful.

December 03, 2009

December 2nd

Today I am thankful for the person who decided that the Netti pot was a good idea. Having just come through a sinus infection, I am finding it helpful to keep my sinus clear.

Actually, I clear my sinuses with the Netti pot and then use my nasal antihistamine... great combo.

December 01, 2009

December 1

I cannot believe we are one month away from 2010, it just does not feel possible? Where did the year go? I am not sure where it went but I am thankful that I am still here enjoying my life.

Thank you Lord.