December 18, 2009

December 17th

I hate ZUMA.

I was cruising last night, I made it all through the 9th level with only one death 9 lives then 10 on the board then it happened.

I began to think that perhaps this was the night... but NO no Christmas gift for me. It is a well thought out game that is truly hard to beat because:

-You become vested in the game, you have spent hours playing and
-Then you begin to have hope that perhaps this is the night

But alas, your hands are tired and sore, your eyes are blurry from playing for so long; it is late into the night and the thumb just cannot move fast enough to make the shots you KNOW you can make.

Then it happens... you begin the death spiro one by one your hopes are dashed and not by a lot, but a little. You almost make it, but then die on the last 6 or 7 marbles.

I think this game would be very do-able if you could jump to the levels you want so you can get warmed up earn afew lives and move to the level you want to challenge (with all the lives you have built up).

So I am having a love /hate relationship with my Xbox... well not the whole box, just ZUMA.