October 25, 2003

happy B'day to my son

Today is Christopher's birthday. He is a quarter of century today, whoa when did that happen. You know you are getting old when your children hit these miles stones.

Happy Birthday.

October 17, 2003


It seems that we go through cycles in this life where things just seem to keep going in a downward motion. Now is one such time.

The world seems to be in turmoil, the state is a mess, and personally my stars are not lining up right now, time to just hang on for the ride. It is tough when you expect life to be giving you one thing and it chooses to give you something else, or you expect to be one place and you find yourself in a very different location.

I have found that through the events of the past few weeks my perspective, my paradigm if you will, has had a major shift. And I know I am not where I want to be but that is OK because I am on the move again.

The not being where U want to be will keep me motivated to keep moving and the emptiness will motivate me to fill the void. I hope

October 15, 2003


Well I am currently on what we refer to at the school as BANK TIME. That is overtime that I have worked for the past five years that I have not gotten paid for, instead I bank the time and pay. Well now I have a semester of time and pay accumulated so I can take the semester off and still collect my regular paycheck.

I have been so looking forward to this BANK TIME with great anticipation. A time to regroup, recoup, rejuvenate, a time to read, exercise, organize and do all the things that one does not have time to do during the regular semester.

Not at all what I thought it would be like. So far, it has not at all been about me. I feel that I have been running doing a bunch of things for others. That is ok I guess, just not what I planned.

Last week things really got different mom had surgery and then fall. Boy what a terrible sight to watch her fall and not be able to help. I will never forget that sight. I guess there is good in all things, even this... I am spending more time with my mom. We are talking.

October 13, 2003


Today I am 50 and 2/12th's. not that I am still obsessed with age, but I just looked at the calandar and noticed that today is the 13th. Happy 13th to everyone.

We had a great weekend with the kids. My son-in-law (from now on to be refer to as my son) is a genius. What he knows about computers is scary. Our three computers are hooked up, interneted, talking to each other (networked) all with printing capability from anywhere in the house. Thank you so much son, what you did in a weekend would have taken us forever.

Nice trade off I think, you work on computers, I BBQ tri-tip.

Thanks for coming, hope it was a restful enough weekend.