March 06, 2009

One Month...

Well today is one month mom passed away. I seem to be in a weird space of time... on one hand it seems like it has been a really long time and on the other hand, time seems stuck and it all feels so new and unbelieveable.

And there are still moments when I cannot wrap my head around it all. And Yes, I am still getting the punch in the stomach feeling. Heck, I still cannot believe that Alvin and Susan are really gone, too. Life gets strange sometimes.

Love and miss you mommy.

March 05, 2009

Unemployment Rate

Well the numbers are out today new unemployment rates here in the valley. Fresno, Tulare and Kern counties are all over 15% unemployment rate... and growing each day.

And Wall Street a 12 year low, that is lower then after 9/11/01.

What is this world coming too?