January 21, 2007

Year of New things...

I have just spent a couple of hours working on Church finances (one on my many jobs) and I was reading a newsletter and in there they talked about a new search engine GoodSearch.com. It is run through Yahoo so it should be reliable and the good thing about Good search is that it gives money back to a non-profit organization for each of your searches. Now it doesn't give a lot, but if you count all the searches we do in a month, a year it can add up.

I will try and use it as much as possible. And if you are thinking about perhaps using it as well, might I suggest the charitable organization that I am giving to; it is called HOINA. Hoina is an orphanage in India, well actually two.... one for young girls and one for the young boys. So if you are inclined to search, Hoina can use you 2 cents (well actually one cent but you get the picture).

I thank you, the children thank you, and God thanks you.

January 05, 2007

New Things

New Year... and new things. Well it seems that this New Year we are beginning with a few new things in our life. I am not talking about the Christmas gift things, but out of necessity we will begin with a few new appliances, washer and dryer to be exact.

Another new item is our bed. I guess one of the things that you realize as you mature (grow older) is to understand that comfort is key. Comfort with shoes, clothes, chairs, and of course beds. Well we have spent several nights in this new bed and I find it remarkably rewarding. I feel rested; instead of fighting the nights I am now gliding through it.

Note: one new thing that I have discovered... beds are getting higher and higher. Our last bed was noticeably higher then the last and this one inches higher then the last. If this keeps up I will need a ladder to get to bed.

At any rate, it makes trips to bathroom (in the middle of the night) challenging. You have to try and remember that the bed is higher; if you are not careful you can injury yourself in the process. The return appears to be is just as challenging, an inch or two can make such a difference. All in all, worth the effort... the new found comfort is wonderful.