November 16, 2004

Proud As Proud Can Be

You know today I found myself telling yet another person at work about how great my daughter was doing... chip off the ole' block I say . "Boy do I know what she is going through, with school and work and all."

Then I realized today how very, very proud I am of my little girl. I beam every time I talk about it or think about her. I sort of say I done good, but really it is not me at all. (OK maybe a little bit) You see we raise them (Kids) the best we can, and we give them all the right tools and set them up for the right opportunities, but then they have to take the responsibility of life and make the choices... the right choices.

You see their tomorrow is only as good as they choose it to be and being prepared turns dreams into reality. You teach, you hope, you wish and you pray for your children from the moment they are born and you celebrate each success they make from first steps to stepping up on that stage to receive that degree. And it isn't all about degrees, it is about living a life with honor and integrity; to be able to care about humanity and be tough when you need to be. A life of balance.

So I say to my little girl, mommy is proud of you. For all you do, for all you have done, for all the times you chose not to do something. And for one of the biggest decisions of all, Christopher DeCaro, you two complement each other and with a little good fortune you will be able to grow old together like your father and I, loving each more every day.

I know you learned a lot about perseverance and hard work from me, let me just say, take time to relax and enjoy the journey. If I can look back and change one thing that would be it, not enough down time. But I think you have that covered, you are miles ahead of me in that department already.

Moderation in all things, and never forget to be companionate to those around you (and certainly to the less fortunate). Always remember no matter what, keep God in the center of your life and He will make sure everything else works out OK for you. (Trust in the Lord… and He shall direct your path)

Keep up the good work, Mommy loves you and is proud of you.

November 13, 2004


YEAH!!!! there is justice in this world. Boy, I don't mind telling you that I was worried that Scott Peterson would turn out to be another OJ and get off scott free (excuse the punt). But to my suprise and great delight... Justice was done and hopefully will be served.

We all know that there will be a day of reckoning where justice will be handled by the Great Almighty One, but it is nice to know that some justice will be handled right here and right now, by the humble twelve. This one's for you Lacy.

November 06, 2004

Life is funny...

Had to laugh I don't blog for months and months and when I go to blog, my site is down for repairs... that is how my week, well my month has been. One problems, one frustration, one complaint after another.

I like to stay on the positive side of life, I find it easier and always more fun there. But lately, positive elements are hard to find and are being outweighted by what seems to be mountains of negative crap. Now I would be the first one to admit that perhaps it is my perspective, but maybe not, maybe it is just too much onesided on the negative side. I need to get away and play and bring some perspective back into life.

Vegas sounds good about now, or the coast even... I just need a change. I got the fog depression before the fog arrived this year. Well in the next week or two I need to figure a way to climb out of this mountain of darkness and climb back to the top where I can see the light again. The holidays are coming and if I don't get want to spend the holidays in this state.

I think I have discovered that I spend too much time worrying about the condition of others and NEVER take enough time for myself and often I run myself into the ground trying to do for others because that is what I have been taught to do.. that is what is right... do until you drop.

But by doing so We lose SELF (mind, and Spirit). I need to learn to find that point... that balancing point between giving to self and giving to others and realize that I can never give to others if I don't give to myself first.

Pull back regroup...