February 22, 2010

Next LOST...

OK here is one of my predictions for this seasons LOST.

Since Juliet said (to Sawyer) It Worked, I think that she will appear in the hospital were Kate and Claire are and I think she will be the one to deliver Claire's baby.

Juliet better come back... she is one of my favorites, and her and Sawyer need to get back together... they love each other.

February 10, 2010


I had a lot of theories after watching Lost season opener last week and well last nights show shot holes in all I thought may be happening.

The show drives me nuts trying to keep everything straight. You have to pay attention to not only the characters but what point in time they are and what team they are with... are they darma, are they others, are they part of Jacobs team or the ones with Lockes body And what time period are they actually in(there on the island)and what is with this evil spirit that is taking over controlling some of them... not Claire and now a parallel existence grrrrr.

It makes my head hurt, but I cannot wait until next weeks show and yes... I will be reviewing the 2 episode aired last night.

Side note: I think they did a great job editing last weeks 2 hour opener into a 1 hour recap.

February 06, 2010

I threw the Tooth Brushes away...

A few weeks after my mother passed away I remember telling a co-worker, I know she is gone; but I still cannot even throw out her tooth brush. Well this week I took that step, I tossed out her tooth brushes. It is a year today that my mother passed away. I still have not cleaned out her room because when I step in there… her essence is still there.

Time truly passes so quickly, I wish the emptiness would pass as quickly. I loved my mother and didn’t mind taking care of her. I told her I would be there for her in her old age and thank God I was able to. I always felt so bad that she had to endure the cancer and the chemo… both terrible things. And when she heard that the end was near, she quietly accepted the fate and transitioned from life to death and to life again, without a complaint or regret.

I find comfort in knowing she is in a peaceful place and sharing those heavenly blessings with my father and grandparents… and of course our good Lord.

Love you mom, and miss you, I miss you so very much.

February 03, 2010

Miss you

I miss you brother.