February 26, 2005

Catching up

Well it is Saturday night and I must say it has been a fun weekend so far. We have been catching up. Catching up with work and catching up with friends. We finished up some projects today, straighten the house and it feels good. I really like my house, but I like it more when it is clean and straight.

We also had the opportunity to catch up with old friends. Last night we went out with Tony's friend from work. Her and her husband kept asking us to set a date so we could go see a movie and grab some dinner, well last night we did. We saw HITCH. She wanted to see a comedy, she says it was a rough week at work and she needed to laugh. So laugh we did, it was a cute, feel good movie; we then had a nice dinner at Little Italy. A kickin little place with great food, the noise level was a little high so it was hard to hear, but over all it was a good evening.

Tonight we had a friend and colleague of mine over. He brought over this great German sausage and a nice bottle of wine and I whipped up a batch of fettuccine. We had a nice dinner and a nice time catching up on things; then we watched another movie, an older movie called THE SCORE. All in all, it has been a nice and relaxing weekend. It is always fun spend time with friends.

February 25, 2005

Spring is in the air...

Well today was another day of sunshine. As a matter if fact the last couple of days have been pretty nice. We seem to be at that point in the season that the number of warm and sunny days slowly over takes the cold and damp ones; yeah for spring. I must say my whole demeanor changes I feel happier, healthier. It is like a cocoon opening, and we are ready to emerge.

Even though we are scheduled for rain on Monday, I have hope again.

February 22, 2005

Bad to the Bone!!!!!

Tony and I had our taxes done tonight and we came out OK; so to celebrate, we decided to go have dinner at this new restaurant call (get this) BIG BAD BUBBA'S BBQ.

This is the perfect restaurant for this area... it is very country. Let me explain. Well they have country music playing at volume 10, a tree house in the middle of the room for the kids to go climb in and even eat in (it has tables and different rooms in the tree house). They also have a mechanical bull in the corner. So along with all the great food, there is entertainment as well.

And if all that is not enough, every hour or so, they play as special ho-down song and all the waitresses dance to the music for a minute or so, line dancing I think. In spite of all the great entertainment, I go there for the food, yes the food.

They have smoked chicken, baby back ribs and beef ribs. They might have other things on the menu, but I go there for the ribs. It doesn't have the class of LUCILLES but the baby back ribs are GREAT!!!!!!!! As far as taste, it is right up there with Tony Roma’s and Lucille’s.
The BBQ sauce is great and the ribs meaty, yeah bubba.

As they say… BAD TO THE BONE!

February 18, 2005


Well it is raining again and I just heard that the grapevine had another mud-slide and three south bound lanes of highway 5 are closed. The news cast tonight had a very wet forecast... clouds and rain all week. This has been a very wet season and to tell the truth... I am ready for Spring.

We had a few days of sun last week and I can truly say that it makes me happy happy. I love the sun, I need the sun, I want the sun. I know that soon after Valentines Day, the sunny warm days creep on in. So I am waiting, patiently waiting. I like the warm weather, I need the warm weather, I want the warm weather. I am waiting.

February 11, 2005


Today is Friday, but for me it is the second Friday that I am experiencing. You see, I don't have any scheduled classes to teach on Friday so my First Friday is Thursday. I use to say I don't work on Fridays, but I don't say that anymore... becasue I DO work, I just don't teach.

Anyway, I am thankful for today. My day to catchup on things. Important things like taxes, bills, grocery shopping, lesson planning, soaking in a hot tub or one of my favorites; resting up for the real weekend.

But my life was not always like this, no not at all; my life use to be as crazy as Ongies, but you see, all that hard work and effort paid off.


February 09, 2005

Special thoughts

I came across this on the web:

-Plan on an extraordinary life
-Plan on not settling for less
-Plan to be in the game for a long time
-Plan to follow your dreams
-Plan to keep going when you mess up
-Plan to make a fool of yourself every so often
-Plan to rise above the Mediocrity of your surroundings
-Plan to say yes to opportunity
-Plan to stay off the beaten path
-Plan to take adventurous risks

Thoughts of Patrick Combs
Not just live day by day... but PLAN humm... what a concept.

February 08, 2005

Back at it again!

Well it has been a while since I blogged and I must say it is good to be expressing ones self again. As I was reflecting on the day, the week, the month, and reading my past blogs... I realized that my life is busy and that doesn't change from month to month or year to year. I have finally realized that that is a fact of life.

And here come the big news... busy is OK if what you are doing is fun and makes you happy. I AM happy with my life, my family, my home, my job (well mostly). Keeping all that balanced is what is need to be content. For 2005 things are good contentment is what I feel in my heart.

I can't imagine how life would be if this was not the fact. To be 50+ and not be content would be terrible. Every day is special, and every day of life is more precious I can't wait to see how I will feel at 60 or 70 or 80. My heart will have to grow to hold all the happiness and thankfulness.