September 18, 2008


A quick update on the diet and workout thing. Well I don't know about how the weight thing is... i am trying not to get on the scale more then once a week (if that often), but we are wrapping up a third week and I feel I am doing well (shhhhh over ten I think maybe 12 lbs)

But what I am really excited about is my new workout plan. It is truly working for me. I am doing some type of exercise each day. One day I workout for 30-40 minutes on the weight machine and then on the other days I walk on the treadmill or ride on the stationary bike.

I Don't know what the lbs are doing but overall I am feeling great.

September 16, 2008

New Plan...

I have a new plan for keeping on my exercise schedule. I need to do something each day. I am exercising every other day so on the opposite days I am walking on the treadmill or riding my bike. That is the secret to losing weight, apparently.

Many nights in the past I have had good intentions but often got caught up with online students or online poker and stuff like that and then time would pass and I would not exercise.

New plan... Every night I watch Jeopardy and sometimes Wheel of Fortune (well I don't really watch, it is more like listen while I do other things). That is now my exercise hour. Every night I know that at 7:00 I need to be in the exercise room.Oh yes, we do have a TV in there so I am still watching my shows as I work.

So far, so good.

September 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser...

When I use to hear the title of this show, it always bothered me. I know they are actually doing a good thing, but it still bothered me, perhaps that was the case with me because... I was overweight (again). I have finally decided that this is the year I am going to get into shape and stay there.

I usually say I am going to diet the next few months and see if I can lose the weight. And most of the time I was able to lose the weight (well at least some of the weight). But then in a few weeks I begin the climb again.

I am embarking on another diet adventure, this time with about ten of my colleagues. We will be weighing in every 1st of the month for the next three months. No great prize, just the joy of comrades to walk and diet with you. The prize will be cash... $10 to begin and $5 a month for the next two months. It has been 1 1/2 weeks (almost 2) and I think I am hovering around 10 lbs. (YEAH ME!!!)

But my commitment is not just for 3 months, mine is for the year. If I can show marked improvement and overall better general health, that will give me the incentive to continue this life style change.

I know I cannot continue as I have over the past few years. Every year it gets harder and harder.
My words of wisdom... Lose weight when you are young and change your life style and keep in shape, life will be better in the long hall.

September 05, 2008

My Blog...

I have often said that I should blog about this or that; but alas, i don't and that is a shame because it is fun to go back and re-read them.

Well yes i just did that and I was amazed at some of the things I wrote, some I didn't remember until I read them... Yes I am old(er) so sometimes my mind fails me.

OK, yet another pledge to blog at least once a week. This I will try and do.