September 22, 2007


It is rather interesting how certain activities, smells or events can trigger memories. I have had one such experience this week. You see this week I picked the olives off my tree and proceeded to cure them. By the way, I am still completing the process, (the whole activity takes about 5 days or so); Memories of my childhood and early adulthood came flooding back.

You see I was raised on a ranch and on that ranch we had groves of olive and orange trees. Well each year we would get bucket full of olives and proceed to cure them. I remember as a child watching my father go through the process and I would anxiously wait for the time when we would be able to taste the finished product. I really didn’t get to do much because you have to work with lye and my father said I could watch but not touch… so I did.

But later in life when I was a young adult (my early married years) we returned to the area where I grew up, back to the farm. My brother had long since been following the process of curing olives and when that time of the year came along, I asked if he would assist me in curing my own olives. So now as I go through the process I can see and hear the instructions and directions of my brother. And at the time, (and even more so now) I could see and hear the concern in his voice; what to do and not do for my safety. He would stop by nightly during the process and would give his opinion on how I was doing.

Well you may or may not know, my brother passed away this year, so this olive curing period is quite different, I am doing the process alone. I guess I am carrying on the family tradition. But as I began the process and smelled the smell, memories came flooding back. Every time I go and stir the mixture I think of him… not only think of him but actually hear him telling me how I was doing. Strange, but I can hear his voice and laugh. Almost nine months and I still miss him so very much; I still cannot believe that he is really gone forever.

It just acts as another reminder to appreciate the ones that are in our life each day. Live in the moment and appreciate and celebrate our life with every breath we take.

September 13, 2007

Tech support...

Well let me start by stating... I love my computer, I teach computers but it is definitely a love/hate relationship.

I have just spend the most frustrating week of my life... waiting online, plugging and unplugging, starting and restarting, and resetting and just generally chasing the wild goose.

All of the people that I talked to were nice (a few condescending) but overall very friendly; two of them I would say actually cared about helping solve the problem… but I just cannot tell you how many times I was cut off. I guess that is their way of telling me I am tired of talking to you now.

But when all was said and done, NONE of the tech support people were of any support, every company pointed to the other saying (our signal or our software is fine... it is that other guy) we don't feel that it is our problem.

One week (over eight hours on the phone) and 6 tech support people later, the problem was not solved. It took a real live person 3 hours (at 75.00 per hour) to actually solve the problem.

1. You cannot solve (most) computer problems on the phone, it is better done in person.
2. Tech support people should be named tech time wasters