April 22, 2008

Strange happening....

Let me start by saying i am not racist. I even recently bought several t-shirts called ERASISM; a movement to erase racism, the saying were kind of cool so i bought several of them.

But my recent experience was a little bazaar. Tony and i were hungry so we chose for the many restaurants in the area, well I was hungry for Chinese so we settled on Panda Express (good food for a good price). We stepped up to the counter and you are usually greeted by two questions... is this for dinning here or for takeout and would you like chow-mien or rice?

Well I could not decipher if he was asking either of these questions, I looked to Tony for help, but he had a blank look on his face too. The guy behind the counter didn't speak much English at all(he thought he was but trust me it was not English). He was soon assisted by a nice young lady who was running the cash register. I think if you are going to greet the public and represent the company you should know ENGLISH.

The strange part was not that he knew little English, it was that he was Hispanic. I looked around and every worker was Hispanic. I glanced around a crowded restaurant again and noticed that Tony and I were two of three white folks in the restaurant... all the rest were Hispanic; and yes, several of them were using chop-sticks.I guess everyone gets tired of rice, beans and tortillas some of the time.

And an even stranger occurance, there was not even a Asian in sight... not one.
I don't know, the world seemed a little on tilt today.

April 21, 2008


Technology is a great thing... when it works. When it does not work, it is one of the most devastating event in ones life. It would not be so bad, but we have become so reliant on our various modes of technology that we are lost without them.

Having said that, I am going to venture out without, yes without, my iphone. Scary, but i can do (I think I can, I think i can, I think I can). If you do not hear from me in a few hours, please send someone to come find me. I love all of you.

April 01, 2008

I hate ZUMA

Well, let me explain. With all the frustration i have been experiencing at work these days I found ZUMA to be an excellent release. And so was the case the other day.

I really thought that this would be the day to conquer level 9. I was having a good, very good day. I made it all the way to level 9 and didn't die once... I had 10 lives and thought this might be the day.

Well I didn't get too far into level nine until I began to die left and right. It is just not fair, not fair I say.