August 18, 2003

About the Birthday thing!!!

I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends that made the transition a easy and painless one for me.

They did some nice things like a suprise party that shocked the pants off me (something hard to do) this website and poster stuff, a really cool video of my life, all very much appreciated. But the most important thing I guess would be that they all took the time to come and spend time with me, the weekend was great.

Actually, I am glad the birthday thing is behind me , so I can get on with life...
It is just a NUMBER!

Your as old as you feel, and I don't feel too bad!

Monday morning stuff

Today is the first day of School. And well, I an not going!!! feels weird, I have the semester off and I should be reallly happy and I will be, but right now it just feels weird.

Tony just got hired as an adjunct instructor at my school (I am so proud of Him) and he will be doing double duty this semester. So things are really different around here this year. We just have to get into the routine of the way things are going to be for the next couple of months. We will see.

Lots to do, just different things.

August 13, 2003

My BIRTH D A Y !!!!!!!

Well, today is my Birthday, time to celebrate the day of my birth. I guess I am trying to decide how I feel about taking that giant step from 49 to 50.

But as my daughter just told me, I am younger then any of the older people and that everyone older then me is still older then me and everyone younger then me is still younger then me... So basically, get over it. Well she didn't say that she said, "everything is still the same."

Life goes on. I guess my goal is going to be the best 50 year old ( and then 51, 52 53...) that I can be mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.

And the rest of my life starts right NOW!

August 12, 2003

Birthday DAY!!!!

I am with in the hour of turning 50… the big five O… the big one… but I don’t feel fifty, and they say I don’t look fifty, then why do I have to BE fifty?

Life is strange, we endure and learn and grow and want to be around for a long, long time and then when we are… we gripe about it!

I am thankful for my life, my family… I AM BLESSED, Because I am LOVED! God has blessed me with many things and by things I don’t mean things, I mean knowledge, experience, opportunity and desire. Without these things, life would be difficult to say the least.

If I could choose things to BE in this life YES some things would be different, sure they would, but in the grand scheme of things there are not a lot of thing that really need changing, really. As the saying goes… IT’S ALL-GOOD! LIFE IS GOOD!!! And I AM BLESSED!!!

Fifty years… not too bad, I have seen a lot and have experiences a lot and have lived a lot. THANK YOU LORD FOR MY LIFE!!!!

I will leave you with these words of wisdom: Life is like a roll of toliet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. :o)

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!!!!!