February 22, 2005

Bad to the Bone!!!!!

Tony and I had our taxes done tonight and we came out OK; so to celebrate, we decided to go have dinner at this new restaurant call (get this) BIG BAD BUBBA'S BBQ.

This is the perfect restaurant for this area... it is very country. Let me explain. Well they have country music playing at volume 10, a tree house in the middle of the room for the kids to go climb in and even eat in (it has tables and different rooms in the tree house). They also have a mechanical bull in the corner. So along with all the great food, there is entertainment as well.

And if all that is not enough, every hour or so, they play as special ho-down song and all the waitresses dance to the music for a minute or so, line dancing I think. In spite of all the great entertainment, I go there for the food, yes the food.

They have smoked chicken, baby back ribs and beef ribs. They might have other things on the menu, but I go there for the ribs. It doesn't have the class of LUCILLES but the baby back ribs are GREAT!!!!!!!! As far as taste, it is right up there with Tony Roma’s and Lucille’s.
The BBQ sauce is great and the ribs meaty, yeah bubba.

As they say… BAD TO THE BONE!


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