November 06, 2004

Life is funny...

Had to laugh I don't blog for months and months and when I go to blog, my site is down for repairs... that is how my week, well my month has been. One problems, one frustration, one complaint after another.

I like to stay on the positive side of life, I find it easier and always more fun there. But lately, positive elements are hard to find and are being outweighted by what seems to be mountains of negative crap. Now I would be the first one to admit that perhaps it is my perspective, but maybe not, maybe it is just too much onesided on the negative side. I need to get away and play and bring some perspective back into life.

Vegas sounds good about now, or the coast even... I just need a change. I got the fog depression before the fog arrived this year. Well in the next week or two I need to figure a way to climb out of this mountain of darkness and climb back to the top where I can see the light again. The holidays are coming and if I don't get want to spend the holidays in this state.

I think I have discovered that I spend too much time worrying about the condition of others and NEVER take enough time for myself and often I run myself into the ground trying to do for others because that is what I have been taught to do.. that is what is right... do until you drop.

But by doing so We lose SELF (mind, and Spirit). I need to learn to find that point... that balancing point between giving to self and giving to others and realize that I can never give to others if I don't give to myself first.

Pull back regroup...


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