January 03, 2004

calendar girls

Starting out the New Year right… we completed some tasks around the house and found time to play. We went to the movies and saw Calendar Girls.

You younger kids probably would not fully appreciate this movie, but as you move down the trail of life this movie takes on different significance…well it did for me, for the most part a fun chic flick. It was a cute, feel good movie. A feel good movie with the exception of one part; I am no movie critic, but I felt that about 10 or 15 minutes of the movie could have been cut out because it didn’t add to the story and I felt that it actually detracted from it.

Interesting study in human nature; modest older women posing nude for a calendar all in the name of good cause. It was a true story. They wanted to raise money for the local hospital to buy a new couch for the waiting room; their calendars made such a hit that they had enough money to build a new wing on the hospital. It just made you stop and go hummmmm.

It reminds me of that famous line that …Most of us die with our music still in us. It just makes me wonder what creative thing is still in you (or me) waiting to get out?????