January 09, 2004


Why can't anything be easy? Does any one take pride in their work anymore?

We just met with the repair people for our house they are going to come and fix the things that were not done right the first time. Why is there time and money to correct things but never the time money or desire to do thing right the first time. People don't take pride in what they do anymore.

We also have a ditch along side our house. This ditch has been there for the past three weeks waiting for the pool guys to come back and complete the job they started. They are replacing a drain that they removed during the construction of our pool back in JULY yes JULY. Our pool was completed August 3, 2003 but the repairs and fix-it thing are taking FOREVER to complete. WHY??? People don't take pride in what they do anymore.

I can go on and on with the incompetence I have been experiencing lately. Just yesterday I was at a restaurant the waitress barely took our order and brought us the food. We had to flag her down to get more coffee and tea, flag her down for ketchup; she didn't remove any of the dirty dishes and we had to send the bus boy to find her to get our bill. Why???People don't take pride in what they do anymore.

From Pizza delivery to pool construction... Whatever the job, if you say you are going to do something make every effort in your power to complete that job whatever it takes, when you say you are going to do it, do it! And do it with all your skills and with all your ability; put PRIDE back in the job.

What thy hand findth to do, do it with thy might!