March 03, 2005

OC without Mickey

Well this will be the first trip to Orange County since our Disneyland passes have expired. Even though we didn't go to D'land each and every time, it seems really strange to not have the pass in my wallet that says I can go (anytime I want).

Why have you not renewed as in years past, you ask? Well there were several contributing factors:
1. The cost went up and when you buy two passes like we do, that adds up.
2. And second, we have had passes for the last couple of years and when you go all the time it kind of loses its excitment. But can we really get too much Mickey?
3. And lastly, we decided that we were going to wait before renewing and renew on our first visit of the year so that it would extend our passes for the longest amount of time.

But now that the passes have expired, I just don't feel right. We may have to re-think this Disneyland thing.


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