March 13, 2005


Well I am sick again. I know that this is only my second cold this season, but that is a lot for me. It is usually easy for me to say healthy, but not this season. Well here is the track record, my second cold, Tony had one and gram had bronchitis (not good at her age).

It just seems that no matter what I do, I can not stay healthy this year. I take my vitamins, I eat regularly and try to get enough rest and oh yes, I wash my hand often (especially at school). But the germs are lurking. Students are in our face breathing on us, touching things and it just seems we can’t out run them, these germs are everywhere.

I was thankful that I got sick at the right time… just before the weekend, so I was able to rest and recoup and prepare for the up and coming week.

Got to get better, the Ladies Circle retreat is this coming weekend and of course that is also the start of spring break YEAH!!!!!


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