December 08, 2007


Many things seem to happen to my loved ones around the Holiday season. So along with having a love for this time of year I also have a flood of memories of various events.

Two years ago today... December 8th we were waiting to hear if we could bring my mother home from the hospital. And yes 2 years ago tomorrow sure enough we traveled home from San Francisco. And life had forever changed from that 9 day stay in SF. The battle rages on and we truly never know from one moment to the next what is going to happen or what will be fall us.

I was flicking through the TV stations the other day and stopped on a channel that was showing MASH reruns and I remembered seeing this episode... it was Christmas and they were all home sick. The captain said If you are not where you are you are no where.

It also reminded me of the scripture that says Whatever state i find myself, I am content (well the wording was not quite right, but the meaning is there...) be content, be happy every day, enjoy, live in the moment.