December 06, 2007

Where have all the smokers gone????

Our campus has changed this semester to a smoke free campus, but we have been sort of easing our way to this change. We have been putting up sign and making folks aware that we only have three designated places on campus where they can smoke. I was wonder how this would go over because we have a lot of smokers on our campus.

We have not enforced the new mandate until almost the end of the semester, one reason is we have been waiting for some special patio furniture to put in these new smoking areas. Well the patio stuff finally came and the non smoking unless in designated areas finally went into affect.

I have been by the smoking area a few times and had to laugh at the furniture we have been waiting for... one round table and bench combo with an awning over it, oh yes bright blue (really not much to look at) but oh well. I have been by several times and rarely see anyone smoking there. I see evidence that smokers go there... lots of butts in the ash-tray but I never see them. My questions is... where have all the smokers gone? We use to have alot of them.