November 24, 2010

Miss mom...

My mother has been gone for almost two years and I miss her. But as the holidays draw close I miss her even more. She would ALWAYS voluntary to sit up with me as I stuffed the bird and started the holiday process. That would have been a sacrifice for her because she was usually in bed (and asleep) by 7:30 or 8:00pm in the winter time.

I would always say... No that is OK, I will need you more in the morning. And she would go off to bed.

In the morning the house was full of the aroma of roasted turkey and I would hear her shuffling down the stairs. And then she would say... Oh it smells so good down here, you did a good job Lucy. I would offer to make her breakfast, but she would decline and wait for me to begin the carving and arranging of the meat on the platter. She would sit there and pick through the carcass and the skin as I piled the waste to one side. I would say, Mom eat the good stuff, to which she would reply...its all good stuff.

Happy memories, Miss you mom.