November 17, 2010

American Flag....

I am not sure if you heard about the middle school student (northern California) that had an American flag attached to his bike and was told by school official that he would have to take down the flag (by today) and no longer hang it from his bike.

All this because of a incident after cinyo de mayo. Since when are we restricted from waving the American flag, if there is a problem, restrict the Mexican flag after all this is American.

I never thought I would be around to see some of the things that are happening these day; what is this world coming to? What are our troops risking their lives for if we are going to make stupid demands as this one.

Today was the day that he was to comply with the request, well the troops are still active and well. Hundred of Vets rode motorcycles and cars with American flags waving everywhere. They were all on hand to escort this young man to school and proceeded to explain that that is why they risked there lives so we can live free and wave with honor and respect the American flag.

With hundreds on the school lawn singing God Bless America, the school retracted their demand and said it was wrong and will NOT happen again.

I hope not.