November 26, 2010

The String Test...

An Italian thing that I have heard about and later performed was the string test to see if the baby you were carrying was a boy or a girl. And I need to go on record and say, personally, I never saw this test fail (it may have, but nothing I ever witnessed). It has been accurate every time I have witnessed or performed the gender test.

Here is how it works... when you are in at least the second trimester, you have the mother lay on her back and a steady handed friend or family member take the mothers wedding ring and long piece of string at least 12 inches (after folded in half) you put the string through the wedding ring. You lay the ring on the mothers stomach and then you slowly raise the ring off of the mothers stomach, hold the string steady and soon the ring will either begin to move in a circle or back and forth.

If in a circle, it is a girl and if the ring moves back and forth it is a boy.

We did the string gender test last night on Andrea and I did it several times and ... it moved back and forth all three times. And today... it was verified by the Ultrasound. It is a boy.