November 17, 2008

Christmas starting early this year...

I know that it is a fact that we are starting to celebrate Christmas earlier and earlier each year. I remember when I was growing up, one holiday would have to end before we started celebrating the next one...

Example: Halloween would end before we would think of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving would end before we ever saw one bulb, one anything for Christmas.

Now a days we have different parts of a store designated for each holiday, which means we had Halloween and Christmas stuff all at the same time. I guess I should be angry because they are stretching out the holidays, except for the fact that i love the Christmas season. Not just the giving and receiving, but all the happiness and the peace of this holiday.

And all this is because of the promise and hope that this special birth brings us. So OK we can stretch out this holiday, we just have to remember to not get caught up with the commerical part of the season.

We need to remember the reason for the season... So... Merry Christmas or ahhh Happy Thanksgiving or lets just say...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!