October 17, 2008

Bye Sooz

I cannot believe that tomorrow will be my cousin's Memorial service. My cousin who often told me I was the big sister she never had, who I just talked to last Friday. She met with an untimely death last weekend. It is just one of those things that you can't get your mind around. The possibility was always there but still in all, the phone call was shocking. I can only describe it as I did when my brother passed away at 55... it felt like a punch or a kick in the gut... well it happened again with Sooz.

Sue just turned 50 on October 7th and never got to deal with getting older or that over the hill feeling. So sorry to see you go so quickly. And sorry to see you leave your precious kids behind. We will love them and we will keep in touch with them and share with them the Susan of a better day, a happier day, a lighter day.

Rest in Peace, WE LOVE YOU Sooz.


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