October 13, 2008

Feeling really old...

Boy I am feeling old. Prior to October I was feeling really good; I was dieting and more importantly I was exercising. I was on a special exercise plan... working out with the weight machine or cardio workout (riding my stationary bike or walking on the treadmill). I was working out at least 1/2 to an hour each day and feeling great, I might add.

Then October began, I started feeling really bad, no energy, then I started with a head cold. After a week of Z pack of antibiotics I headed back to the doctor feeling worse... not better. Well more antibiotics and a set of X-rays. Well the X-rays showed a massive sinus infection, and yes... more antibiotic's. Coughing and hacking yes back to the doctor again, I pulled a muscle coughing.

FEELING REAL OLD. needless to say no cardio and no weights so I am just laying around. I know rest is needed to get well but I feel like a lump and I lost all my exercise momentum.

I guess my body is telling me to let go of some of the stress... or it will make me.

Oh yes, I am on the last DVD of season two of LOST.