August 11, 2006

Simple pleasures...

As I stated in my last blog, we are back at school scurrying around trying to get everything ready for students on Monday. So far things are going as well as to be expected. Today we had our inservice where all the faculty (full-time and adjunct) come together for meetings and things and we end with a nice BBQ cooked by administration.

As a side note we have a lot of new administration, and a new president and so far things are positive; so we are hoping for a good school year. Back to story...

As we gathered for our big main meeting there was one lady (I know to work in PE section) she kept smiling at me and burst out with... How ya doing? How was your summer? (we heard that a lot today). Then she said... And how's that baby?????

Now you have to realize I am facing a birthday this weekend, happy to say I will be 53 years old. I smiled back and said what baby? To which she replied, didn't you just have a baby. (this was perfect timing for the birthday girl).

I looked back at her with a big smile on my face and said, I am flattered that you think I am young enough to have a baby, but no, my baby is 29 years old.

It was a good day.