May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to ME

Well today is mothers day and I am happy to be counted among "the mother" population. There is a sense that developes when you truly enjoy being a mother, and well, it is a nice feeling. I am thankful to my daughter for making mother's day a happy day for me. (Love U!). Now that I have mastered this mothers thing, I am ready to give the Grand-mother thing a try :o]

I am also thankful to still have my mother with me. She is high maintenance, but all in all, she is worth it. She just went through a cancer scare but thank God she is through with her treatment and cancer free ( at this moment). Cancer is a terrible disease and seems to be touching more and more of the people around us. Some day I am going to make a list and I know it will be long... to long.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day.