April 27, 2006


Well I was going through my evening ritual of checking e-mail reviewing blogs and checking the weather various places. On my little pop-up menu I have our weather forecast and that in Fullerton (where my kids live).

Everyday I look at their weather and then I look at our weather and I say to myself, if it wasn’t for all that traffic, Fullerton would be a great place to live… Well at least the weather is always (or mostly always) great.

Well today, oh my, we had a better day weather wise then they did. And tomorrow is slated to be the same. Today in Tulare we had a high of 75? and tomorrow we are scheduled to see 84?, sun shining all day both days. And in Fullerton it appears to be partly cloudy and today’s high there was 68? and they are shooting up to 69? tomorrow… a ha-ha we got you. At least 2 days out of the year we actually do have nicer weather.

And today (and perhaps tomorrow) we are there baby, Sunny and warm.


Blogger CND said...

While the weather may be better, we are still closer to the ocean and Disneyland. Heh heh.

April 29, 2006 7:29 AM  

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