May 30, 2006


This past weekend something very special happened and we celebrated. You see, my baby girl graduated from Ca State Fullerton with, yes… her Masters Degree. YEAH!!! Going down to witness this special day gave us the opportunity to just hang with the kids and relax.

And relax we did, you see my wonderful kids gave me a very special gift certificate for Christmas that I cashed in this past weekend… a day at Burke Williams spa. Ongie and I, both deserving of the experience went for a day of pampering. Ongie for all the work she put forth on her Master Degree and me for dealing with all the sick and afflicted.

And pamper they did. If you have never experienced a day spa, you have got to go. Oh my god, what a relaxing atmosphere, every one whispers as they guide you around. We began with relaxation massages and then spent the rest of the day going from Jacuzzi, to steam room, to the sauna, to the mist room to the quite room and back again. My skin has not felt this soft for years and years. All your troubles and concerns just melt away (at least for a little while).

We truly had great food all weekend, and had a great time with family and friends.