October 17, 2005

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

I need to take this time and give special thanks to our dear Lord for the wonderful results that my Aunt just received. You see my aunt received a diagnosis stating that she had uterine cancer and that it was a very aggressive strain.

If the cancer was contain in the uterus that would be good, but if it was found outside of the uterus then she would need chemo and radiation. Well on October 17, 2005 she was informed by her doctor that the cancer was indeed contain.

To this day I can’t help but smile when I think of her. You see my aunt is a special lady, a clean living God fearing lady whose presents means a lot to a lot of us; and who doesn’t deserve to endure such a horrible disease .

God is good and we are thankful for His love and mercy. This has made life a little more precious to each of us then it did a month ago.


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