October 02, 2005

Give me a break...

Well last weekend my husband and I went to see the new block buster Flight Plan. I thought it was a great thriller. It has some very interesting twists in it that kept you guessing the whole way.

The one thing that I was upset about was the They were so zealous to get everyone hooked to see the movie, that I felt that they gave away a very important plot point. I felt that it would have been so much more exciting if I didn't know this one thing before going in. (I will tell you later, after you have seen the movie). All in all, it was a great way to spend the Saturday afternoon.

I was really suprise when I looked at the paper on Friday and noticed that the airlines.. more directly the stewardesses and flight attendance were upset by the movie and felt that it put them in a bad light... Give me a break, it was just a movie.


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