September 16, 2005

As long as there is an END

Well we have just completed the 5th week of school and well things are not slowing down, but just seem to be on a steady incline.

There is a new project that I am working on for school, we have partnered with a local credit union and they have agreed to open a 3 person teller station on campus. The agreement was to have us (the school) train the students in proper business transactions and allow them to work as interns the following semester.

So I have been a one woman show this week (and last) getting signatures, putting up posters, holding meetings, sending out e-mails. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback, everyone thinks what I am trying to do is a good idea, but no offers to help. So I am going to teach two (short-term) classes starting next week for approx 11 week. That is OK I love to teach, but it is new curriculum. I am treading on new soil. That is of course fun and exciting, but at the same time a lot of prep work.

Well, that is ok because I figure that even though I am working like crazy, it will be worth it all for the college and for the image of the Business division. As I told my daughter (about her schooling). You can do anything if you know that it is for a limited time.

As long as I can see an end, well I can endure. So I have resigned that this semester will just be crazy. You see that has its good points and its bad points...

Bad point.... I have to endure for the next 12 weeks
Good point... It will go by fast and next semester will be better.

So we will endure :o]


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