August 31, 2005

Getting Back in the Groove

Well I have not blogged in a while, but that is because life has really been hectic. And by that I mean more then usual. WE are back to school and this is our third week. I am starting to get into a groove and that helps.

One thing that doesn't help is that I have all new textbooks for all my classes even my keyboarding class. And one of those is a brand new class. So I have to make sure that I have the time to review the text and the PowerPoint presentations before I get to class. What you don't want, especially at this level, is to be surprised by something new that you know nothing about.

And one other thing that I am really excited about is that we were instrumental in getting a local credit union to partnership with us (the Business Division) and open up an office on campus. But there are lots of things to accomplish before the office can open. We are scheduled for Spring 2006 (somewhere around Jan 15th).

So along with all of the above stuff, I am writing curriculum, making flyers, attending meetings, and all of the behind the scenes stuff. So I am a little tired. You see we go from relaxed summer days to very, very hectic days in nothing flat.

But I am actually very excited about the whole project and this will be a great accomplishment for the Division (and me). I am praying that all goes well.


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