May 01, 2005

End of Semester....

Well we are closing in on the end of the semester again; always a busy, busy time. This semester things have been entremely hectic with two unexpected trips. Tony and I had the good fortune to go to the NAB conference in Las Vegas. It was a great conference, it always is and of course it was nice to get away and rest.

And this past weekend we had our semi annual trip to Santa Barbara for medical checkups. Again, good to get that stuff done and always nice to visit Santa Barbara. But with both trips within two weeks of each other, it gets tiring not having the weekend to recoup and organized. I guess the best part of this past weekend would have been the time we got to spend with the kid. Our visits seem to be to few and far between, so when we get the opportunity to see them... well I plan to take it. Side note: they are doing well, busy with their lives. But they are looking good and working hard. I love my kids.

The way to remain sane is to plan a schedule and stick closely to the plan. Well that is what I plan to do... I will keep you informed.


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