June 02, 2005


Weekends have been busy, company last week and now this group this weekend, fun… but taxing for sure. Well the Holiday weekend was enjoyable... lots of good folks and good fun and good food. My kids came home this weekend and that is always fun. We had the opportunity to make some good music that is always cool; I forget how good music makes me feel.

Well I have decided to take the time to start practicing again with my guitar. It had new strings and a cleaning this weekend… it is ready to go; now it is my turn. I am ready too.

This weekend we are going to Tony’s 40th reunion… WOW 40 years, that went by fast. Time to be amazed by how good or bad the mates look. I am just glad it is his classmates and not mine; I can just hang around and be amused.

At least we will have the opportunity to go to San Diego I haven’t been there in forever. Southern CA here we come.


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