September 11, 2005

US Open Final

Well, Agassi gave it a great effort, and even though he came up short in the final today he is with out a doubt they greatest player of all times. That is because he plays with heart and we saw that the past two weeks and for sure today.

I will be happy for the day when Federer is toppled and doesn't look or sound so arrogant. I was hoping that Agassi would be the one and today would be the day… but it was not to be.

It would have been fun to watch Agassi put him in his place… a thirty-five year old beating the world champ, and in the first three sets it looked like that may happen, but when Agassi lost the tie breaker that gave Federer the confidence to let it rip and the rest was history.

But Thank you Agassi for a great two weeks. We love you and are proud of you just the same.


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